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11 – 13 October 2018, New Delhi

Product groups



Building automation systems and products

  • Building automation for specific applications
  • Centralised / decentralised management system
  • Electricity distribution
  • Energy metering and accounting
  • Fire alarms
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Sun shading
  • System components of data communication
  • Automated gates & doors

Smart home and community management systems

  • Automated entrance gates and doors
  • Automated parking systems
  • House and telecommunications
  • House internal / external service and observation equipment
  • Lighting and sun shades
  • Security
  • Television, hi-fi and video equipment
  • Measuring and test devices, measuring technology

Building efficiency and energy management systems and products

Light control systems

  • Command and control switch
  • Control contactors and relays
  • Monitoring relays
  • Performance switch, motor protection switch
  • Sensors
  • Storage programmable controls

Generic cabling and data centre systems and products

  • Cable and leads
  • Cable installations
  • Cable processing
  • Cable routing systems
  • Distribution and joining material
  • Intelligent sun shading systems and products 
  • Systems integration
  • Video surveillance, access control and home security systems
  • Access control equipment / biometrics
  • Electroacoustic systems
  • Personal paging systems
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Video systems
  • Warning and alarm systems
  • Hotel intelligent systems and products
  • Light control, light management, light measurement
  • Technical lights for special applications
  • Technical lighting and accessories

Electrical engineering

Electrical accessories and materials

  • Technical lighting and accessories
  • Accessories for technical lighting
  • Exterior lighting / Street lights technical internal lights for industry and business
  • Technical internal lights for Office / Administration
  • Power supply and distribution systems, energy management systems
  • Bus technology for homes and buildings (cable or wireless)
  • Distribution systems
  • Earthing, voltage compensation, lightning protection, excess voltage protection
  • Electricity supply / distribution equipment and electrical products
  • Electric drive systems
  • Power supply, instruments, gauges and tools
  • Electrical energy-efficiency modification equipment
  • E-mobility - Charging infrastructure
  • House communication
  • Control equipment, meter & monitoring and dimmer switches
  • Industrial plug / socket equipment
  • Installation switch and plugs and sockets
  • Miscellaneous switching gear
  • Sockets and switches
  • Lamp holders
  • Operating gear
  • Lightning protection systems and equipment
  • Renewable energies


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